Toxic Inequality

Thomas Shapiro, Brandeis University


On Thursday, October 5, Professor Thomas Shapiro will speak at Washington University as part of the Weidenbaum Center Forum.

Since the Great Recession, most Americans' standard of living has stagnated or declined. Economic inequality is at historic highs. But, economic inequality differs by race; African Americans' net worth is just a tenth of white Americans, and over recent decades, white families have amassed wealth at three times the rate of black families.  Wealth disparities must be understood in tandem with racial inequities -- that is a key part of why inequality is now toxic.

Professor Thomas Shapiro directs the Institute on Assets and Social Policy and is the Pokross Professor of Law and Social Policy at The Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University.  Professor Shapiro's primary interest is in racial inequality and public policy. With Dr. Melvin Oliver, he wrote the award-winning Black Wealth/White Wealth, which received the 1997 Distinguished Scholarly Publication Award from the American Sociological Association. 

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This event is cosponsored with Washington University's Department of Sociology and the Brown School of Social Work.


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