Faculty Research Grant Archive



Ian Fillmore, Department of Economics, Creating a Database of Foster Care System Policies, and Practices  

Matt Gabel, Department of Political Science, "I Am Guilty": The Political Effects of Dissidents' Confessions

Patrick Hill, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Purpose, Activism, and the 2024 Presidential Election 

Margot Moinester, Department of Sociology, Refugee Success: Developing Refugee-Grounded Definitions and Measurement

Lucia Motolinia Carballo, Department of Political Science, Unity through Particularism

Mike Olson, Department of Political Science, Stolen Representation: Legislative Politics and Black Disfranchisement in the American South

Jake Rosenfeld, Department of Sociology, The Future of Public Sector Worker Power

Kiara Wyndham-Douds, Department of Sociology, Book Workshop and Community Engagement Design



Deniz Aksoy, Department of Political Science, The Political Consequences of Judicial Repression: Evidence from Turkey

Dan Butler, Matthew Hayes, and Sunita Parikh, all with the Department of Political Science, RAs for 2023 Washington University Summer Training Experience in Political Science 

Taylor Carlson, Department of Political Science, Carlson-Race/News 

Brian Carpenter, Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences, The 21st Century Cures Act: Implications for Communication Between Patients and Clinicians 

David CarterDepartment of Political Science, How Individual Preferences Are Formed Over Foreign Direct Investment 

David Cunningham, Department of Sociology, Reckoning With 'The Troubles': Contending Public Memories and Memorializations of Fatal Violence in Contemporary Belfast 

Ted Enamorado, Department of Political Science, De-censor: How China Reveals Politically Sensitive Information 

Steven Fazzari, Departments of Economics and Sociology, Rising Inequality in American Households' Sustainable Consumption 

Andrew Jordan, Department of Economics, Careers in Policing: A Human Capital Approach

Calvin Lai, Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences, Exploring the Power of Immersion and Emotion Granularity for Intervention Design

Jacob Montgomery, Department of Political Science, Conditional Random Fields 

Lucia Motolinia Carballo, Department of Political Science, The Political Wealth of Nations 

Lucia Motolinia Carballo, Department of Political Science, Candidate Gender Selection and Competitiveness

Ismael Mourifie, Department of Economics, Econometrics in Centralized School Choice Mechanisms 

William Nomikos, Department of Political Science, Disinformation and Social Media in Mali

Michael Olson, Department of Political Science, Historical Sub-National Legislative Politics in the United States 

Werner Ploberger, Department of Economics, Slowly Changing Nonstationary Processes

Guillermo Rosas, Department of Political Science, Assessing the Impact of AI on Policy Preferences: Experimental Evidence from Mexico 

Margit Tavits, Department of Political Science, Conflict and the Disengagement of Women Politicians 

Carly Wayne, Department of Political Science, Violent Interactions in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 

Anna Wilke, Department of Political Science, How Does Girls' Empowerment Affect Boys?

Kiara Wyndham-Douds, Department of Sociology, St. Louis Zoning Atlas 



Gaurab Aryal, Department of Economics, Dynamic Cournot "Oil'Igopoly" with Private Information

Costas Azariadis, Department of Economics, Limit Cycles in Lifecycle Economies with Collateral Scarcity

Ana Babus, Department of Economics, Who Issues What: A New Perspective on Financial Innovation

Francisco Buera, Department of Economics,  Firm Growth, Finance, and Development 

Daniel Butler, Department of Political Science, Extending the Governor's State of the State Adress

Taylor Carlson, Department of Political Science, Political Effects of FOX News 

David Carter and Ipek Ece Sener, Department of Political ScienceSympathy for Rebel Movements in a Volatile Border Region of Turkey

Dino Christenson, Taylor Carlson, and Betsy Sinclair, Department of Political Science, Cooperative Survey Project on the 2022 Primaries 

Brian Crisp and Matt Gabel, Department of Political Science, Race and Political Representation in the St. Louis Area 

George Gayle and Limor Golan, Department of Economics, Insider and Outsider Careers in Executive Management

Clarissa Hayward, Department of Political Science, Why College Students Don't Vote

Andrew Jordan, Department of Economics, Racial Disparity in Criminal Justice 

Elizabeth Korver-Glenn, Department of Sociology, A Good Reputation: How Residents Fight for an American Barrio

Lucia Motolinia, Department of Political Science, Winning More with Less: How Parties Can Win More Votes without Winning Over More Voters 

William Nomikos and Gechun Lin, Department of Political Science, Political Practices and Social Media

Michael Olson, Department of Political Science, Expertise and Representation in American Local Politics 

Guillermo Rosas, Department of Political Science, Flooding, Voting, and the Political Economy of Risky Assets

Yongseok Shin, Department of Economics, Misallocation and the Selection Channel

Betsy Sinclair, Department of Political Science, The Stories that Win

Betsy Sinclair, Department of Political Science, Primary Elections Survey in Alaska 

Margit Tavits, Jeremy Siow, and Tony Yang, Department of Political Science, Political Socialization Effects of Language

Anna Wilke, Department of Political Science, The Political Effects of Bridging the Digital Divide -- A Randomized Controlled Trial on Internet Access in South African Townships

Kiara Wyndham-Douds, Department of Sociology, National Survey of Black Suburnbanites Pilot



Deniz Aksoy, Department of Political Science, Public Opinions Toward Use of Force in Non-Democracies 

Taylor Carlson, Department of Political Science, Political Polarization and Interparty Contact 

Taylor Carlson and Carly Wayne, Department of Political Science, Extremism Spirals and How to Break Them

David Carter and Taylor Carlson, Department of Political Science, "Audience Costs" and How Individuals Learn about a Leader Affects Political Preference 

Dino Christenson, Department of Political Science, Amicus Curiae Data Collection 

Caity Collins, Department of Sociology, Child Care in St. Louis 

Brian Crisp, Department of Political Science, The Effects of Electoral Systems on Voters Employment of Preferences on Two Dimensions

Matt Gabel, Department of Political Science, Racial Differences in the Prevalence of Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia 

Patrick Ishizuka, Department of Sociology, Trends in the Gender Housework Gap Across Family Types: 1976-2019

Jim Gibson, Department of Political Science, Perceived Legitimacy of the Supreme Court and Other American Institutions

Margaret Moinester and Ariela Schachter, Department of Sociology, Deportation Fear and its Collateral Consequences 

Jacob Montgomery, Department of Political Science, Characterizing Political Advertising on Facebook 

William Nomikos, Department of Political Science, Connection Between Public Opinion and Foreign Policy  

William Nomikos and Michael Olson, Department of Political Science, Racial Violence in the American South

Sunita Parikh,  Department of Political Science, Linguistic Context, Politicians, and the Public 

Brian Rogers, Department of Economics, Experimental Research on Beliefs and Information Transmission

Brian Rogers and SangMok Lee, Department of Economics, Dynamic Matching Markets 

Betsy Sinclair, Department of Political Science, Measuring Elite Preferences and Behavior with Social Media Data: Local Elected Officials 

Steven S. Smith, Department of Political Science, A Matched-Sample Analysis of the Effects of Disability on Civic Participation 

Steven S. Smith, Department of Political Science, The Disability Gap: The Challenges of Political Participation by Persons with Disabilities and Impairments 

Carly Wayne, Department of Political Science, Examining the Content of White Nationalist Messaging 




Michael Bechtel, Guillermo Rosas, and Taishi Muraoka, Department of Political Science, Inequality, Perceptions of Party Positions, and Public Policy Preferences 

Dino Christenson, Andrew Reeves, and Tyler Reny, Department of Political Science, Public Attitudes toward the Environment 

George Levi-Gayle, Department of Economics, Child-care Subsidies, Income, and Bequest Taxation, Marriage, and Intergenerational Mobility

Limor Golan, Department of Economics, Inequality, Statistical Discrimination, and Occupation Setting 

Margot Moinester,  Department of Sociology, The Long Arc of U.S. Interior Immigration Enoforcement 

Jacob Montgomery, Department of Political Science, Crowd Sourcing and Topic Models

William Nomikos, Department of Political Science, United Nations Peacebuilding Outcomes

William Nomikos, Department of Political Science, United Nations Peacekeeping Operations and Long-term Peace Outcomes 

Michael Olson, Department of Political Science, Legislative Consequences of Black Disenfranchisements in the American South 

Brian Rogers, Department of Economics, Decision Making Under Risk and Uncertainty

Guillermo Rosas, Department of Political Science, Spanish Bank Management Boards 

Betsy Sinclair, Department of Political Science, Attitudes about the Primary System

Betsy Sinclair and Andrew Reeves, Department of Political Science, Local Political Institutions and Policy 

Carly Wayne, Department of Political Science, Military Tactics in Asymmetric Conflicts 



Ana Babus, Department of Economics, The Anatomy of Financial Innovation

David Cunningham, Hedwig Lee, Sarah Gaby, Department of Sociology, and Geoff Ward, African and American Studies, Legacies of Enslavement for Area Violence, Inequality, and Health 

Ian Fillmore, Department of Economics, Parental Wealth's Impact on Child Outcomes, Wealth Shocks Across Generations, and Geographic and Socioeconomic Mobility of Subsequent Generations

Sangmitra Gautam Department of Economics, Examining the Role of Intra-Household Bargaining in Determining Maternal and Child Health

Christopher Lucas, Department of Political Science, Measuring the Effects of Disinformation Spread by Algorithmically Faked Videos on Older Populations

Rody Manuelli, Department of Economics, Meeting of the Society for Economic Dynamics 

William Nomikos, Department of Political Science, Strengthening Social Trust and Rebuilding Communal Norms of Tolerance in the West African State of Burkina Faso

Sunita Parikh, Department of Political Science, Networks Among Amazon Mechanical Turk Workers in India

Andrew Reeves, Department of Political Science, Survey Research on Urban Rural Divide, Unilateral Powers and the Presidency, and How Voters Hold the Administrative State Accountable 

John Robinson, Department of Sociology, Opportunity Zones” and the Economy of Investable Disadvantage

Guillermo Rosas, Department of Political Science, Governors, Presidents, and Party Labels as Ideological Cues 

Margit Tavits, Department of Political Science, Language, Bias, and Ethnic Tolerance

Ping Wang, Department of Economics, Flying or Trapped: Theory and Application beyond Akamatsu and Malthus

Carly Wayne, Department of Political Science, The Emotional Mechanisms of Responses to Terrorism 




Deniz Aksoy, Department of Political Science, Survey on Ethnic Mobilization in Turkey 

Sarah Brierley and George Ofosu, Department of Political Science, Campaign Messages and Voting in Ghana 

Caitlyn Collins, Department of Sociology, Work-Family Policies 

David Cunningham and Hedwig Lee, Department of Sociology, Legacies of Slavery 

George-Levi Gayle, Department of Economics, Work Flexibility and Mobility 

Limor Golan, Department of Economics, Race, Education, and Income Inequality 

Hedwig Lee, Department of Sociology, Women Connected to Incarcerated Individuals 

Rody Manuelli, Department of Economics, Insurance and Technological Progress 

Jacob Montgomery, Department of Political Science, Conversation and Partnership

Paulo Natenzon, Department of Economics, Perceptual Errors and Economic Choices 

Sunita Parikh, Department of Political Science, Ethnic Cabinet Appointments 

Andrew Reeves, Department of Political Science, Leadership, Public Opinion, and Crises 

Guillermo Rosas, Department of Political Science, Inequality, Credit, and Preferences for Redistribution

Betsy Sinclair, Department of Political Science, Mechanisms for Civic Engagement 

Margit Tavits, Department of Political Science, Message Distortion and Party Policy Images in the United Kingdom 




Dan Butler, Department of Political Science, The Role of Public Opinion on Individual MPs in Party-Systems: An Experiment in Sweden 

Michael Bechtel, Department of Political Science, MTurk Survey on Short-Sightedness, Risk Aversion, and Long-Term Policy Investment 

David Cunningham, Department of Sociology, Racial Reconciliation 

Ian Fillmore, Department of Political Science, College Pricing in the U.S. College Market 

Matthew Gabel, Department of Political Science, Vote Dilution under the Voting Rights Act 

Sanghmitra Gautam, Department of Economics, Preventative Healthcare in Developing Countries

Hedwig Lee, Department of Sociology, Women Connected to Incarcerated Individuals 

Jacob Montgomery, Department of Political Science, Misperceptions in Social Media 

George Ofosu, Department of Political Science, Constituency Service in Ghana 

Andrew Reeves, Department of Political Science, Geography and Political Behavior 

Ariela Schachter, Department of Sociology, Rental Housing 

Norman Schofield, Department of Political Science, Activists in U.S. Election Campaigns 

Betsy Sinclair, Department of Political Science, BUILD Workshop

Margit Tavits, Department of Political Science, Campaign Rhetoric and Political Parties 

Margit Tavits, Department of Political Science, UK Survey on Political Speech and Prejudice Reduction 





Venus Bivar, Department of History, Economic Growth as a Political Instrument

Daniel Butler, Department of Political Science, Laboratories of Democracy Project

Adia Harvey Wingfield, Department of Political Science, Racial Realities of Professional Employment: Black Workers in the Hospital Setting

Paulo Natenzon, Department of Economics, Rational Choice and Limited Sampling

Raul Santaeulalia-Llopis/Michele Boldrin, Department of EconomicsInequality, Innovation and Intellectual Property Conference

Betsy Sinclair, Department of Political Science, Polarization and Its Solutions: The Top Two Primary

Betsy Sinclair, Department of Political Science, Two-Wave California Voter Survey                                                                      

Norman Schofield, Department of Political Science, Elections and Parties

Margit Tavist, Department of Political Science, Wartime Violence and Post-War Women's Representation



Daniel Butler/Margit Tavits, Department of Political Science, Cooperation and Representation in Conflict Societies

Justin Fox, Department of Political Science, Public Attitudes about Delegation

Jacob Montgomery, Department of Political Science, Workshop Funding

Jacob Montgomery/Jon Rogowski, Department of Political Science, In Their Own Words: Improving the U.S Congressional  Elections with Human Computations Analysis of Political Texts

Werner Ploberger/Jinji Hao, Department of Economics, The Dynamics of Beliefs in the Option Marker

Andrew Reeves, Department of Political Science, Accessing Local Disaster Damage

Andrew Reeves/Jon Rogowski, Department of Political SciencePublic Support for Unilateral Action

Norman Schofield, Department of Political Science, Role of Activists in U.S Elections

Margit Tavits, Department of Political Science, Perceived Threats of Immigration



Daniel Butler, Department of Political Science, Laboratories of Democracy Project

Andrew Reeves/Jon Rogowski, Department of Political Science, Geolocation Survey Project 



Dawn Brancati, Department of Political Science, The People's Democracy: Causes and Consequences of Pro-Democracy Requests

Brian Crisp, Department of Political Science, Using the Composition of Constituencies to Explain Party System Nationalization, Government Formation, and Policy Outcomes               

Brian Crisp/Guillermo Rosas, Department of Political Science, Placing Latin American Citizens and Elites on Common Ground

Limor Golan, Department of Economics, Learning, Occupational Choice, Labor Supply, and the Gender Earnings Gap

Peter Kastor, Department of History, Patronage, Statebuilding, and the Creation of Federal Governance                    

Jacob Montgomery, Department of Political Science, Informative Priors for Computerized Adaptive Testing on Public Opinion Surveys 

Ryan Moore/Andrew Reeves, Department of Political Science, Reconceptualizing Political Context                                                                   

Juan Pantano, Department of Economics, Retirement, Social Security, and Life Expectancy                                                  

Sunita Parikh, Department of Political Science, Indian Courts and Political Violence in India                                                     

Andrew Reeves/Jon Rogowski, Department of Political Science, Legitimacy and the Institutional Presidency                                                        

Jon Rogowski, Department of Political Science, Elections and Accountability in American Legislatures                               

Carl Sanders, Department of Economics, Why Can't Long-term Unemployed Workers Find Jobs?

Norman Schofield, Department of Political Science, Applying a New Logit Model to Elections in Britain

Betsy Sinclair, Department of Political Science, Public Opinion, Partisan Motivated Reasoning, and Climate Change

Margit Tavits, Department of Political Science, When Can Voters Accurately Place Parties?

Ping Wang, Department of Economics, Cost-Effectiveness of Personalized Medicine: Smoking Cessation Treatment



Dawn Brancati, Department of Political Science, TAPS Survey Grant                                                                 

Brian Crisp, Department of Political Science, Electoral Institutions and Legislative Speech

James Gibson, Department of Political Science, TAPS Survey Grant

Nathan Jensen, Department of Political Science, TAPS Survey Grant

Jacob Montgomery, Department of Political Science, Network Analysis of Congressional Staff

Ryan Moore, Department of Political Science, TAPS Survey Grant

Melanie Springer, Department of Political Science, TAPS Survey Grant



Michele Boldrin/Raul Santaeulalia-Llopis, Department of Economics, Economic Growth in China

Sebastian Galiani, Department of Economics, Laboratory Experiments in Political Economy

Mona Krook, Department of Political Science, Women's Access to Elective Office

Jacob Montgomery, Department of Political Science, Adaptive Testing for Political Science

Juan Pantano, Department of Political Science, Housing Assistance and the Labor Market

Norman Schofield, Department of Political Science, Election Models and Networks

Itai Sened, Department of Political Science, Middle Class and Economic Growth

Melanie Springer, Department of Political Science, Enfranchisement and the Racial Threat in Voting Behavior

Margit Tavits/Guillermo Rosas, Department of Political Science, Inequality, Electoral Geography, and Political Polarization



Gaetano Antinolfi, Department of Economics, Liquidity and Monetary Policy 

Michele Boldrin, Department of Economics, Workshop - Allocating Resources Across Generations 

Brian Crisp, Department of Political Science, Floor Decision Making in Latin America

Brian Crisp, Department of Political Science, Agenda Control in Bicameral Legislatures

Sebastian Galiani, Department of Economics, Impact of Providing Housing to Poor in Latin Ameria

Pamela Jakiela, Department of Economics, Kenya Risk Panel        

Sukkoo Kim, Department of Economics, U. S. State laws and Regulations Reconsidered

Mona Lena Krook, Department of Political Science, Gender Quotas and Representation   

Stephanie Lau, Department of Economics, Expectation Damages in Complex Contracts

Gary Miller/Itai Sened, Department of Political Science, Preference Estimation and the Uncovered Set

Juan Pantano, Department of Economics, C-Section and Fertility  

Sunita Parikh, Department of Political Science, Indian Supreme Court

Guillermo Rosas, Department of Political Science, Support for Presidential Campaigns in Fed. Regimes

Raul Santaeulalia-Llopis, Department of Economics, AIDS, Development, and Policy

Norman Schofield, Department of Political Science, Support Toward Survey conducted in Baku

Norman Schofield, Department of Political Science, The Political Economy of Democracy

Itai Sened, Department of Political Science, Role of Middle Class in Sustainable Economic Growth

Melanie Springer (Political Science): Voter Bias

Margit Tavits, Department of Political Science, Inside Political Parties

Ping Wang, Department of Economics, Housing Dynamics: A Quantitative Study



Michele Boldrin/ Raul Santaeulia-Llopis, Department of Economics, Intertemporal Issues & Exhaustible Resources

Dawn Brancati, Department of Political Science, Kosovo Field Experiments

Brian Crisp, Department of Political Science, At-Large Legislative Districts

Brian Crisp, Department of Political Science, Legislative Voting in Latin America

Matt Gabel, Department of Political Science, Roll-Call Voting Requests and Selection

Sebastian Galiani, Department of Economics, Effects of Cash Transfers to Rural Elderly in Mexico 

Pamela Jakiela, Department of Economics, Aspirational Intervention & Student Test Scores

Nathan Jensen, Department of Economics, Tax Policy & New Investments 

Mona Lena Krook, Department of Political Science, Reframing Representation and Women's Interests

William Lowry, Department of Political Science, Change to Stable Energy Policy

Ryan Moore, Department of Political Science, Old Age Pensions in the States

Juan Pantano, Department of Economics, Physician Behavior and Medical Malpractice Litigation

Raul Santaeulalia-Lopis, Department of Economics, AIDS and Economic Development

Guillermo Rosas, Department of Political Science, Legislative Voting in National Assemblies

Yongseok Shin, Department of Economics, Finance, Development, and Human Capital

Melanie Springer, Department of Political Science, Voter Bias and Youth Enfranchisement

Margit Tavits, Department of Political Science, Party Organizations in Post-Communist Europe



Marcus Berliant, Department of Economics, Decentralization Conference

Sebastian Galiani, Department of Economics, Military Service and IT Training Program in Argentina

Steven HaptonstahlDepartment of Political Science, Uncertainty in Bargaining

Pamela Jakiela, Department of Economics, Innovative Education Program in Kenya

Stephanie Lau, Department of Economics, Expectation Damages

Gary Miller/Itai SenedDepartment of Political Science, The Uncovered Set and Senate Coalitions 

Gary MillerDepartment of Political Science, The Civil Rights Movement

Michael Minta, Department of Political Science, Representation of Minority Interests in Congress

Juan Pantano, Department of Economics, The Economics of a 24-7 Society

Norman Schofield, Department of Political Science, Activist Coalitions and Regime Change

Melanie SpringerDepartment of Political Science, American Elections

Margit Tavits, Department of Political Science, Party Organizational Strength in Post-Communist Democracies



Brian Crisp, Department of Political Science, Pivotal Politics in Latin American Presidential Systems

James GibsonDepartment of Political Science, Summer Research Assistance

Gary Miller, Department of Political Science, Estimation of Ideal Points and Bill Locations

Charles MoulDepartment of Economics, Research Assistance



Marcus Berliant, Department of Economics, Knowledge Creation and Transfer

Steve Fazzari, Department of Economics, Household Debt

Matthew Gabel, Department of Political Science, European Court of Justice

Sebastian Galiani, Department of Economics, Legacy of Colonial Institutions in Argentina

Sukkoo Kim, Department of Economics, Data Purchases, Research Assistance, and Travel

Sukkoo Kim, Department of Economics, Economic History of India

Mona Lena Krook, Department of Political Science, Selection of Female Candidates to Public Office

Andrew Mertha, Department of Political Science, Chinese Energy Policy

Gary Miller, Department of Political Science, Negotiation and Compensation

James Morley, Department of Economics, Structural Change in Macroeconomic Variables

Charles Moul, Department of Economics, Market Structure & Prices in Office Supply Superstores

Charles Moul, Department of Economics, Economics of Tournaments

Sunita Parikh, Department of Political Science, Indian Courts and Riots

Paul Rothstein, Department of Economics, Impact of Philanthropic Giving

Norman SchofieldDepartment of Economics, Leadership Turnover & Political Activism

Andrew Sobel, Department of Political Science, Domestic Finance, Commitments, and Global Leadership

Melanie Springer, Department of Political Science, Electoral Institution Choice

Robert Walker, Political Science, Exchange Rate Regimes and Bond Ratings



Ethan Bueno de Mesquita, Department of Political Science, Strategic Voting in Israel

Brian Crisp, Department of Political Science, At-Large Legislative Districts

Steve Fazzari, Department of Economics, Research Support for Barry Cynamon

James Gibson, Department of Political Science, Support for Research Project/NSF Proposal Preparation

James Gibson, Department of Political Science, Travel and Research Assistance

Nathan Jensen, Department of Political Science, Grant for Travel, Data Purchases, Research Assistance

Andrew Martin, Department of Political Science, Effects of Race and Gender on Judging

Andrew Mertha, Department of Political Science, Politics of Hydropower in China

James Morley, Department of Economics, Unit Roots and Cointegration

Donald Nichols, Department of Economics, Impact of Hospital Closures

Guillermo Rosas, Department of Political Science, Expert Committees

Norman Schofield, Department of Economics, Dimensionality in Legislative Voting

Itai Sened, Department of Political Science, Income Inequality and Economic Growth

Ping Wang, Department of Economics, Economic Stratification and Development



Ethan Bueno de Mesquita, Department of Political Science, Terrorist Violence on public opinion

Brian Crisp, Department of Political Science, Representation and At-Large Districts

Lee Epstein, Department of Political Science, Constitutions, Judicial Institutions, and the Rule of Law

James Gibson, Department of Political Science, Workshop on Political Intolerance

Nathan Jensen, Department of Political Science, Workshop/Political Economy of Multinational Corporations

Nathan Jensen, Department of Political Science, Political Determinants of Expropriation

Peter Kastor, Department of History, Appointments in the Jefferson Administration

William Lowry, Department of Political Science, River Management Policies

Andrew Martin, Department of Political Science, Bayesian Inference in the Social Sciences

Andrew Mertha, Department of Political Science, Economic and Political Liberalization in China

Gary Miller, Department of  Political Science, Earmarks in the Department of Agriculture

James Morley,  Department of Economics, Unit Roots and Cointegration in Components Framework

Charles Moul,  Department of Economics, Tax Differences in the Retail Gasoline of Chicago

Wilhelm Neufeind,  Department of Economics, Dynamic Model or Decentralized Price Information

Donald Nichols, Department of Economics, Crowd-Out:  Insurance Disenrollment to Qualify for SCHIP

Sunita  Parikh, Department of Political Science, Indian Supreme Court

Sunita  Parikh, Department of Political Science, Indian Interbranch Politics

Guillermo Rosas, Department of Political Science, Mexican Federal Election Inst. & Electoral Courts

Norman Schofield , Department of Political Science, Constitutional Quandaries & the Dynamics of Political Economic Change



Marcus Berliant, Department of Economics, Dynamic Urban Models

Randall Calvert, Department of Political Science, Experimental Work on Cooperation (Extension)

Lee Epstein, Department of Political Science, Judicial Decision Making Research Assistance Grant

Steve Fazzari, Department of Economics, Research Assistance Grant

David Felix,  Department of Economics, Purchase of Data/Research Assistance Grant

Nathan Jensen, Department of Political Science, Stock Markets, Elections, and Political Business Cycles

Nathan Jensen, Department of Political Science, Political Risk

Andrew Martin, Department of Political Science, Understanding Precedent & the U.S. Supreme Court

Andrew Martin, Department of Political Science, Precedent and the Supreme Court

Andrew Mertha, Department of Political Science, Property Rights in China

Andrew Mertha, Department of Political Science, Institutional Changes in China

James Morley, Department of Economics, Research Assistance

James Morley, Department of Economics, Business Cycles Asymmetry and Stabilization Policy

Charles Moul, Department of Economics, Economics of the Movie Industry Edited Volume

Charles Moul, Department of Economics, Research Assistance

Itai Sened, Department of Political Science, Property Rights in Developing Countries

Lester Spence, Department of Political Science, Young Citizenship Survey



Gaetano Antinolfi, Department of Economics, Support for visit by project collaborator

Lisa Baldez, Department of Political Science, Research Assistance/Travel Expenses/Supplies, Etc.

Randall Calvert, Department of Political Science, Research Subjects, Lab Usage, Programming Grant

John Carey, Department of Political Science, Research Assistance Grant

John Carey, Department of Political Science, Interview Translations Grant

Lee Epstein, Department of Political Science, Research Assistance Grant

James Gibson, Department of Political Science, Research Assistance/Travel Expenses

Edward Greenberg, Department of Economics, Grant for Research Assistance

Nathan Jensen, Department of Political Science, Grant for Research Assistance

William Lowry, Department of Political Science, Grant for Undergraduate RA

Andrew Martin, Department of Political Science, Research Assistant

Andrew Mertha, Department of Political Science, Research Assistance Grant

Gary Miller, Department of Political Science, Competing Frames in Policy Debates

James Morley,  Department of Economics, Financial Market Crises

Charles Moul, Department of Economics, Research Assistance

Charles Moul, Department of Economics, Research Assistance

John Nye, Department of Economics, Institutions in the Process of Historical Transition

Andrew Rehfeld, Department of Political Science, Political Maturity and Age Requirements

Itai Sened, Department of Political Science, Multiparty Parliamentary Systems

Andrew Sobel, Department of Political Science, Data Gathering and Travel

Lester Spence, Department of Political Science, Research Assistance



Gaetano Antinolfi, Department of EconomicsOfficial Dollarization Project

Lisa Baldez, Department of Political Science, Research Assistance Grant

Lee Benham, Department of Economics, Research Assistance Grant

Steve Fazzari, Department of Economics, Research Assistance Grant

Sukkoo Kim, Department of EconomicsResearch Assistance

Andrew Martin, Department of Political ScienceWorkshop on Ideal Point 

Andrew Mertha, Department of Political Science, Research Assistance Grant

Gary Miller, Department of Political Science, Experimental Subjects for Strategic Interaction Project

Gary Miller, Department of Political Science, Research on Trust in Principal-Agent Negotiations

Gary Miller, Department of Political ScienceProgramming/Principal-Agent Negotiations

James Morley, Department of Economics, State-Space Models Conference

John Nye, Department of EconomicsHistory of Anglo-French Trade

Rachel Roth, Department of Political Science, Research Assistance

Itai Sened, Department of Political Science, Multiparty Parliamentary Systems

Olga Shvetsova, Department of Political Science, Research Assistance