Andrea Junqueira

Weidenbaum Center Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Andrea Junqueira received her Ph.D. in Political Science from Texas A&M University in 2022. Her research focuses on the intersection between economic development, representation, and comparative public policy. In her book project "Why So Tough? Understanding the Politics Behind Aggressive Crime-Fighting Policies," she examines how poverty and income inequality affect democratic politics in developing countries, focusing on their consequences for security policy. She is also producing research in the areas of urban politics, gender and racial politics, and political methodology. As a postdoctoral researcher at the Weidenbaum Center, she works with Professors Matthew Gabel (Political Science/Weidenbaum Center) and Brian Crisp (Political Science/National Science Foundation), on a project exploring how the spatial distribution of minority groups affects local-level representation. 


We want to congratulate Andrea for accepting a tenure-track position in the Department of Political Science at Arkansas State University. She will start as an assistant professor in the Fall of 2023. In addition to furthering her research, Andrea will teach classes on the representation of women and minorities, politicial behavior, and political methodology. We wish Andrea all the best in her new position! See below quote from Andrea regarding her time at the Weidenbaum Center: 


"The Weidenbaum Center was crucial for allowing me to continue my research and, ultimately, succeed in the academic job market. As a postdoctoral resaerch fellow, I was fully funded for one additional year after concluding my Ph.D. which allowed me to complete ongoing manuscripts and initiate promising research projects. My job applications were further improved by my participation in a rich study led by professors associated with the Weidenbaum Center and the many conferences I could attend due to the Weidenbaum Center's financial support. I am deeply grateful for the time I spent at the Weidenbaum Center." 


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