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Comprehensive Profile Survey (Demographic Variables for All Panelists Recruited)

TAPS Documentation

Codebook -- The TAPS documentation is sorted three ways below to aid you in locating information.

  • Alpha (sorted alphabetically by variable name)
  • Recurring Topic (sorted by topics, showing how many time a question has been asked of the panel)
  • Month-to-Month (sorted by monthly survey)

Technical Report -- The technical report gives information on response rates, sample sizes, how to use weights, variable name explanation, etc.

The resulting sample design and expected outcome is as follows:

Stratum Mailing count Mailing distribution Yields proportion Yields count Profiled proportion Profiled count Strata distributions sample Strata distributions frame
1. Hispanic 18-24 333 1.0% 0.056 19 0.65 12 0.6% 0.2%
2. Hispanic 25+/unk 6,943 19.9% 0.064 445 0.65 289 14.4% 14.1%
3. Other 18-24 459 1.3% 0.144 68 0.65 44 2.7% 0.7%
4. All Else 25+/unk 27,071 77.8% 0.094 2,550 0.65 1,657 82.8% 85.0%
Overall 34,816           100.0% 100.0%





TAPS Dataverse

The Dataverse Network supports the sharing of open data and enables reproducible is a repository for research data.  


The weightTAPSPACK subsets The American Panel Survey (TAPS) data by outcome and covariates, models the attrition rates, imputes data for attrited individuals, and finds weights for analysis.  It is currently available on CRAN.  Full documentation can be found at https://cran.fhcrc.org/web/packages/weightTAPSPACK/index.html

For questions and comments regarding the package, please contact Michelle Torres.  (smtorres@wustl.edu)

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