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The Weidenbaum Center is a research institute at Washington University in St. Louis that supports social scientific research in the fields of public policy, economics, political science, and sociology. Led by Weidenbaum Center Director Andrew Reeves (pictured), the Center funds faculty research, provides administrative support for research activities, and sponsors a wide range of public affairs programs. In doing so, the Center serves as a bridge between scholars, policymakers, and the general public. Through unbiased empirical research and events, the Center addresses many of the pressing public policy issues facing America and the world today. 

The Weidenbaum Center provides significant research support for faculty in the departments of Economics, Political Science, and Sociology. This support allows a wide array of faculty members to participate in a variety of impactful research, and is of particular importance to our younger faculty who are just starting their research careers. Research efforts contribute to work that addresses key social issues locally, nationally, and globally, and enhances the prominence of Washington University in the academic and policy world. Donations fund our grant programs which support this research. We could not support nearly as much research without this generosity. 

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Weidenbaum Center Grant Recipient Limor Golan installed as inaugural Laurence H. Meyer Professor

Limor Golan, an expert in labor economics in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, was installed as the inaugural Laurence H. Meyer Professor at a ceremony in Holmes Lounge. "Professor Golan's research on issues like discrimination and gender gaps in the labor market and sources of intergenerational mobility are central to understanding how to address rising inequality in the United States," said Feng Sheng Hu, Dean of Arts & Sciences and the Lucille P. Market Distinguished Professor.

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Weidenbaum Center Grant Recipient Adia Wingfield launces new program in public scholarship

The Program in Public Scholarship was co-launched last year by Adia Wingfield, Vice Dean of Faculty, Development, and Diversity, and Mary Tileston Hemenway Professor of Arts & Sciences; and Ian Bogost, Professor and Director of Film & Media Studies and Barbara and David Thomas Distinguished Professor. The program explores the translation of research in all forms and formats; partnerships with local institutions and organizations; and the development of innovative courses, internships, certificates, or degrees. The program will host workshops, writing retreats, and visits from editors and agents and will facilitate cross-channel modes of scholarly communication for faculty members and graduate students in arts and sciences.

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Grant Award Recipients

Recipient: Daniel Butler, Political Science; Awarding entity: Unite America Institute

PROJECT TITLE: Moderate Emergence in Alaska Top-4 Primary

Recipient: Matthew Gabel, Political Science; Awarding entity: National Science Foundation

PROJECT TITLE - Collaborative Research: Electoral Systems, Suburbanization, and Representation

Recipient: Andrew Jordan, Economics; Awarding entity: National Science Foundation

PROJECT TITLE - Body-Worn Camera Metadata

Recipient: Ariela Schachter, Sociology; Awarding entity: National Institutes of Health

PROJECT TITLE - How Does Genetic Ancestry Testing Affect Perceptions of Race?

Recipient: Yongseok Shin, Economics; Awarding entity: National Science Foundation

PROJECT TITLE: Doctoral Dissertation Research in Economics: International Technology Transfers: Adoption or Imitation

Recipient: Carly Wayne, Political Science; Awarding entity: National Science Foundation

PROJECT TITLE: Interpersonal Pathways to Radicalization & Deradicalization

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