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The Weidenbaum Center is a research institute at Washington University in St. Louis that supports social scientific research in the fields of public policy, economics, political science, and sociology. Led by Weidenbaum Center Director Andrew Reeves (pictured), the Center funds faculty research, provides administrative support for research activities, and sponsors a wide range of public affairs programs. In doing so, the Center serves as a bridge between scholars, policymakers, and the general public. Through unbiased empirical research and events, the Center addresses many of the pressing public policy issues facing America and the world today. 


The Weidenbaum Center provides significant research support for faculty in the departments of Economics, Political Science, and Sociology. This support allows a wide array of faculty members to participate in a variety of impactful research, and is of particular importance to our younger faculty who are just starting their research careers. Research efforts contribute to work that addresses key social issues locally, nationally, and globally, and enhances the prominence of Washington University in the academic and policy world. Donations fund our grant programs which support this research. We could not support nearly as much research without this generosity. 

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Steven S. Smith is Recipient of 2023 Barbara Sinclair Lecture

Steven S. Smith, Former Weidenbaum Center Director, was awarded the 2023 Barbara Sinclair Lecture, co-sponsored by the American Political Science Association (APSA) and Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies at American University. The award honors achievement in promoting understanding of the U.S. Congress and legislative politics. Congratulations Steve!

Congratulations to Professor Gayle who is a Weidenbaum Center Grant Recipient and Faculty Research Fellow! Professor Gayle (middle) pictured with Feng Sheng Hu (left), Dean of Arts & Sciences, and Chancellor Andrew Martin (right)

Watch the Installation of George-Levi Gayle as the John H. Biggs Distinguished Professor in Economics

Jacob Montgomery promoted to Full Professor of Political Science

We want to congratulate former Weidenbaum Center TASS (The American Social Survey) Director and Weidenbaum Center Grant Recipient Jacob Montgomery on his promotion to Full Professor of Political Science. Jacob has received numerous Weidenbaum Center grants including one for his research on "Characterizing Political Advertising on Facebook."

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Dino Christenson promoted to Full Professor of Political Science

We want to congratulate Weidenbaum Center Grant Recipient Dino Christenson on his promotion to Full Professor of Political Science. Dino received a grant award from the Weidenbaum Center for his project "Cooperative Survey Project on the 2022 Primaries."

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The Weidenbaum Center has allowed me to grow as a researcher in a challenging but supportive environment. I appreciate the advising of Director Andrew Reeves, and I want to acknowledge all of the new people I have met and new ideas I have been introduced to along the way. The interdisciplinary workshops and policy lunches are incredible opportunities to share my work with new audiences as well as to learn from others in the social sciences. Everyone - from post-docs and faculty, to staff and Eliot Society members - are so kind, talented, and generous.

―Benjamin NobleWeidenbaum Center Graduate Researcher

Recent economics and political science graduate Joshua Deluca who successfully completed the Latin Honors Program in Economics, was awarded the John M. Olin Prize for Excellence in Economics in recognition of the strength of his honors thesis paper. His paper was entitled, "Economic Voting: Evaluating the Impact of the Economy on Electoral Outcomes in OECD Countries." His research studies 229 elections to the lower house of the legislature in 33 OECD countries, examining the impact of unemployment, inflation, and GDP growth on electoral outcomes. The Weidenbaum Center supported the cash prize that accompanied the award. Joshua additionally served as a research assistant under the Weidenbaum Center supported Data-driven Analysis of Peace Project. Congratulations Joshua!

Joshua Deluca

Awardee of the John M. Olin Prize for Excellence in Economics

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