2023 Weidenbaum Center Internal Grant Awardees

Please join us in congratulating our 2023 Weidenbaum Center Internal Grant Awardees! 

The Weidenbaum Center provides research funding to tenure-track faculty for both Small Grant and Impact Grant Proposals. Generally, this funding is provided to faculty in the Departments of Economics, Political Science, and Sociology. 

Small grants awards are normally under $10,000 and funding is provided for up to one year. Awards are given for research that focuses on social science and/or public policy. These awards fund research supporting collaborative efforts, research with a high probability of prominent publication, and research leading to an application for external funding. 

Impact grant awards range from $50,000 to $150,000 with proposed work spread over one to three years. Awards are given for research that stakes out a long-term research agenda to advance social-scientific knowledge. These awards generally include collaboration with faculty across departments and sometimes other institutions, and encourage collaborations with junior faculty members.  

Below we list our 2023 awardees. To see a list of our past awardees, click here

Deniz Aksoy, Department of Political Science, The Political Consequences of Judicial Repression: Evidence from Turkey

Dan Butler, Matthew Hayes, and Sunita Parikh, all with the Department of Political Science, RAs for 2023 Washington University Summer Training Experience in Political Science 

Taylor Carlson, Department of Political Science, Carlson-Race/News 

Brian Carpenter, Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences, The 21st Century Cures Act: Implications for Communication Between Patients and Clinicians 

Calvin Lai, Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences, Exploring the Power of Immersion and Emotion Granularity for Intervention Design

Lucia Motolinia Carballo, Department of Political Science, The Political Wealth of Nations 

William Nomikos, Department of Political Science, Disinformation and Social Media in Mali

Margit Tavits, Department of Political Science, Conflict and the Disengagement of Women Politicians 

Anna Wilke, Department of Political Science, How Does Girls' Empowerment Affect Boys?

Kiara Wyndham-Douds, Department of Sociology, St. Louis Zoning Atlas