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The Weidenbaum Center is a research institute at Washington University in St. Louis that supports social scientific research in the fields of public policy, economics, political science, and sociology. Led by Weidenbaum Center Director Andrew Reeves (pictured), the Center funds faculty research, provides administrative support for research activities, and sponsors a wide range of public affairs programs. In doing so, the Center serves as a bridge between scholars, policymakers, and the general public. Through unbiased empirical research and events, the Center addresses many of the pressing public policy issues facing America and the world today. 

The Weidenbaum Center provides significant research support for faculty in the departments of Economics, Political Science, and Sociology. This support allows a wide array of faculty members to participate in a variety of impactful research, and is of particular importance to our younger faculty who are just starting their research careers. Research efforts contribute to work that addresses key social issues locally, nationally, and globally, and enhances the prominence of Washington University in the academic and policy world. Donations fund our grant programs which support this research. We could not support nearly as much research without this generosity. 



Forthcoming book from Weidenbaum Center Research Fellow Elizabeth Korver Glenn

"A Good Reputation: How Residents Fight for an American Barrio" is a forthcoming book by Weidenbaum Center Research Fellow Elizabeth Korver Glenn. Glenn is an associate professor in the Department of Sociology. In "A Good Reputation," Korver-Glenn and co-author Sarah Mayorga delve into the development and transformation of the reputation of Northside, a predominantly Latinx barrio in Houston. Drawing on two years of ethnographic research and in-depth interviews with residents, developers, and other neighborhood stakeholders, the authors show that people’s perceptions of their neighborhoods are essential to understanding urban inequality and poverty. Professor Glenn received a small grant from the Weidenbaum Center for research efforts that helped support this book.

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Q&A Series: Weidenbaum Center Administrative Coordinator Alana Bame

Weidenbaum Center Administrative Coordinator Alana Bame provides her answers to our new question & answer series featuring Weidenbaum Center faculty, staff, or student affiliates.

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Weidenbaum Center Internal Grant Awards

Congratulations to our Fall 2023 Weidenbaum Center Internal Grant Awardees!

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David Carter, Department of Political Science

How Individual Preferences Are Formed Over Foreign Direct Investment

David Cunningham, Department of Sociology

Reckoning With 'The Troubles': Contending Public Memories and Memorializations of Fatal Violence in Contemporary Belfast

Ted Enamorado, Department of Political Science

De-Censor: How China Reveals Politically Sensitive Information

Steven Fazzari, Department of Economics

Rising Inequality in American Households' Sustainable Consumption

Andrew Jordan, Department of Economics

Careers in Policing: A Human Capital Approach

Jacob Montgomery, Department of Political Science

Conditional Random Fields

Lucia Motolinia Carballo, Department of Political Science

Candidate Gender Selection and Competitiveness

Israel Mourifie, Department of Economics

Econometrics in Centralized School Choice

Michael Olson, Department of Political Science

Historical Sub-National Legislative Politics in the United States

Guillermo Rosas, Department of Political Science

Assessing the Impact of AI on Policy Preferences: Experimental Evidence from Mexico

Carly Wayne, Department of Political Science

Violent Interactions in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

"Again, thank you for an outstanding luncheon and educational event. It was amazing! It was a honor to be a part of such a impressive team of leaders." - Jeri Schultz, Founder of Jeri Schultz and Associates, LLC

Women's Networking & Public Policy Event Attendee, Jeri Schultz, Founder of Jeri Schultz and Associates, LLC

"The Washington University faculty speakers were enlightening and interesting...A lot of smart women in that room and lots of "food for thought" literally!!!" - Ruth Kim, Senior Partner/General Counsel at Fleishman Hillard

Women's Networking & Public Policy Event Attendee Ruth Kim (left), Senior Partner/General Counsel at Fleishman Hillard & Molly Cline (Co-Chair, Weidenbaum Center Eliot Society Committee & Women's Event Organizer)

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