2015 Annual Dinner

Weidenbaum Center Awardees

Murray Weidenbaum

Watch this tribute highlighting his scholarship and public service.

Media Retreat

The Media Retreat brings writers, reporters, editors and producers together with academic experts.

2016 Regulators Budget

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Weidenbaum Center Award for Excellence

In 2014, the Weidenbaum Center on the Economy, Government, and Public Policy established the Weidenbaum Center Award for Excellence. Each year, this award is presented to up to three individuals who exhibit the character, dedication, and caliber of work associated throughout the years with Murray Weidenbaum. The three categories are faculty, community leader, and student.

One student may receive this award on May 5, 2016.  The recipient will receive a beautiful bronze medallion and a $1,000 cash prize.  Attendance at the May 5 dinner is required.


March 18, 2016
How the U.S. became walled in by two political parties, and how to surmount them

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