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Murray Weidenbaum

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Media Retreat

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Economic Forms of Regulation on the Rise

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About the Weidenbaum Center

The Center is a non-profit, nonpartisan research organization at Washington University in St. Louis. Founded in 1975, it is recognized nationwide. The Weidenbaum Center supports scholarly research in the fields of economics, government and public policy. It works closely with the Department of Economics, the Department of Political Science, and other academic units of Washington University, and its public policy efforts consist of a multifaceted program of research, forums, retreats, publications, and online resources.
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January 30, 2015
Article in Washington University Ampersand publication by Center Research Fellow Andrew Reeves
October 8, 2014
Article in Fall 2014 Cato Institute REGULATION Journal by Melinda Warren and Susan Dudley
July 29, 2014
Steve Fazzari on St. Louis Public Radio